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In 2006 I had started exposing who Richard Landes is and the games and garbage he plays. He's at it again with his games and garbage. This time he's trying to harass radio hosts in hopes of getting air time for his new book that was ghost written by Sharon Sobczak aka Red Fat Lady aka "amightywind" aka biggest lying bitch [too nice of a word for her and even saying c*** is too nice too] on the net.

It never ends with that psychopathic bitch, her axis of loser pawn workers, the constant deception and sucking up of limelight attention...


From: Xena Carpenter < xenacarpenter at yahoo dot com >
Subject: in reply to Richard Landes and his Numerous aliases, pen names etc
To: [name and email addy redacted]
Date: Friday, March 25, 2011, 7:06 AM

You're the second radio host this week that has inquired about Landes' names and background. Landes is obviously desperate to get on whatever radio show he can to spew his idiotic garbage. It never ends with him I swear.

His real name is Richard Landes NOT "Harry Walther" like he keeps insisting. He's not even a pastor. He's a prolific alcoholic and scam artist. He has police records in 3 different states: Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York. The authorities KNOW what a problem he is. They just turn a blind eye.

The only reason why I know about Landes' real name is because the apartment that Landes was living in, in Philadelphia [this was like 2004-2005], the landlord had went on the web to many forum boards exposing Landes' real name, his drunken lifestyle among other things [including the thousands of dollars worth of damage Landes did to the apartment] and Landes had managed to get the threads removed before too many people had a chance to read them. Not long after that [2-3 years later], a woman had contacted me, crying for me to help her because her daughter was being bamboozled by Landes. The daughter had given Landes hundreds of dollars and the daughter was about to fly out to Pennsylvania to live with Landes [as Landes had made promises of a job among other disgusting things from what I was told] when the mother had discovered money was missing and had found out what her daughter had done. The mother flew out to Philadelphia to try to press charges against Landes. The mother had tried to get copy of the police record on Landes and the police basically refused to help her. She was allowed to look at the records on file, but not photocopy them. She told me the things she saw in the records. Disorderly conduct, drunken arrests, evicted from more than one apartment, massive complaints from other neighbors about Landes' behavior, several charges of theft and numerous other things.

I am the one who told Sherry Shriner about the numerous names Landes uses. You can look at the copyright records online yourself : http://www.copyright.gov/records/ or call the Copyright Office.

I can't tell you how many times Richard Landes has threatened to sue me for exposing his "pen" names and for exposing his BU [Boston University] connection. The last time he threatened me, I told him that I would see him in court and he never opened his yap again since.

I could go on and on about the things I know about Landes and the things he's done to numerous people. Everyone thought I was nuts when I had exposed his BU connection in 2006. It wasn't until several months ago that someone had called in on Sherry's Radio show, confirming some of the things I said about the BU stuff.

You can listen to the audio at:


and here's the snipped transcript from


Caller:  What I wanted to say was when you came on BlogTalk you blew Harry Walther right out of the water.
Sherry:  Why is that?
Caller:  Because as soon as you came on -- because he's been slamming you for years.
Sherry:  Oh, well.  I don't pay attention to Richard Landes [laughs].
Caller:  Well, the thing about it is, I've done the research the last few years.  He didn't want to admit to anybody that Pastor Harry Walther is a white fat guy on YouTube and the other Harry Walter he claims to be is a guy that died a hundred years ago.
Sherry:  Well, it's not even his real name.  Richard Landes is his real name.
Caller:  Actually, Richard Landes, Jr.
Sherry:  Yeah.  Oh...yeah.  So you know.  It's all a charade.  He's not a pastor.  His name isn't Harry.
Caller:  He's a doper who has a [college professor for a father].
Sherry:  Oh, that's his father!  OK.  Because I knew one of them was a professor.  I didn't know if it was him or...
Caller:  I have about ten hours of his father on YouTube, on video.  His father's a bald-headed guy who has a similar voice to him.  His website's registered under his wife's name.
Sherry:  Mm-hmm.  OK.  She's just as crazy as he is.
Caller:  Yeah, they're both crazy.  They like to spend the holiday season slamming Santa Claus.
Sherry:  So how is me coming to BlogTalkRadio -- how did that blow him out of the water?
Caller:  Because every so often when somebody he's been following their site, like this show, and he said what if he threw stones.  And he starts slamming it, and then the next thing, he starts slamming you.  He calls you Sherry Shrieker.  And I says, well, uh, "Richard."  Everytime I call him Richard, he hangs up on me.
Sherry:  [laughs]  He doesn't want anybody finding his police record.
Caller:  Richard Landes, Jr.
Sherry:  Yeah.
Caller:  His dad's a college professor in Massachusetts and he does his entire show based on his daddy's works.
Sherry:  Well, you know what?  He's just a hateful man.  He's a bully.  I haven't listened to him since he left years ago and I wouldn't waste my time.
Caller:  The fact is, when I tried to tell my story in private message, he called me crazy.


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