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The neverending harassment from lowlife scumbag, amightyfraud champion "ironcross", "ironcross66106" and numerous other handle names...


I always know when someone is getting harassed by "ironcross" [whose name is Ron Cain] because I either receive an email about it or someone leaves a comment on my blog about it.

I had publicly exposed Ron Cain several years ago [see the list of links at the bottom]. Nothing new under the sun with the moRON. He's a government agent and his wife works with the IRS to be sure the poor people pay their taxes on time or else. I can't say that I am surprised by his viciousness of defending the fat, ugly, red bitch of amightywind. Frankly it all makes sense [to me anyway] as far as their M.O [Modus Operandi] goes as I had explained to someone in this email below:


==== Beginning of email ====

Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 9:22 AM
From: "Xena Carpenter" <xenacarpenter@yahoo.com>
To: "Pastor George" [email addy redacted]
Cc: Sherry Shriner [email addy redacted]

It never ends with the jerk. It never ends. It never ends. It never ends.

Ironcross' [ironcrossmma, ironcross66106 aka so many other handle names] real name is Ron Cain and he is NOT a christian of any kind. He's a self admitted gov agent [not to mention a hacker as well] who has harassed christians and patriots [and anyone else who won't cow toy to the head garbage verbal games he plays] online for years. I am aware of what the jerk has been foaming about on youtube as every now and then I hear from those who are being stalked and harassed by him. You can even ask Sherry Shriner as Ron Cain has constantly harassed her over years. Every now and then he tries to join Sherry's yahoogroups under different handle names to stir up trouble.

Several years ago [this was in 2005/2006] Ron Cain had went on a verbal tirade against me on the net, putting up multiple blogs [at multiple service sites as well as going around to forum boards on the net] saying horrible things about me, calling me a bitch, a witch, an unbeliever and he dragged Sherry's name through the mud on the net too, calling her the false prophet of the bible and the last day's prophesied antichrist. I cannot tell you how many websites I had to send legal notices to, to get the pages taken down and how many forum board owners I had to contact to get his posts deleted and his butt banned. This garbage had went on for a couple of years before Cain had stopped his slanderous garbage against me. He still slanders Sherry though.

I can't say that I am surprised that Cain has his head up farty's ass because I am not surprised. It's the same typical M.O [Modus Operandi] that all the wolves in the amightyfraud gang pull. They lure people in chat rooms on yahoo, skype, aol, etc so that they can start with the scripture wars, the missing books of the bible, the female holy spirit garbage, the libel and slander against Sherry Shriner, calling her a false prophet, alien, the last days antichrist etc etc etc.

The bottom line is... watch who you "fellowship" with on the net. People are not what they always appear or claim to be.

==== End of email ====


You wouldn't have to look too far to wonder or understand why the IRS turns a blind eye to the tens of thousands of dollars the fat red bitch owes in back taxes. I am the one who gave Sherry Shriner many pieces of info about amightywind [see The biggest farts on the internet page at The Watcher Files site]. My investigation and "tracking down" started back in 2007 when the fat red bitch had paid thousands of dollars in advertising her brainwashing site on Jeff Rense's site. There was a great deal of backlash [in terms of boycott threats, other advertisers pulling out and even death threats] against Rense over the ad banner the fat red bitch used to slander Sherry Shriner with.

The games, garbage and harassment amightyfraud plays has been going on for over a decade. As for WHY no one has been able to stop the "gravy train". That's because no one has been able to figure out who the fat red bitch is, and those that [or most I should say] do figure it out had either found themselves badly harassed/threatened or worse.. ended up DEAD. I know this sounds like mafia stuff, but you folks have NO idea as to how serious this is.

I never have imagined that old posts on my blog would be of some use now. Before I get to the list, other handle names moRON Cain has used:

Raptureready, Rapturereadyupupup, iron_cross66106, ronrevelation, solomontemplestar, johnlongfromabove. He even went around posing as a woman with the handle name of jessica4yah on Sherry Shriner's Orgoneblasters list.

And here is the list of postings that I wrote, recording Ron Cain's harassment among other things that may be of interest to some. Keep in mind these postings are a few years old [believe what you will. I had went back to read what I wrote a few years ago and I am floored myself at the things I've documented. Ridiculousness and all]:

Postings that I had mentioned Ron Cain in while investigating Richard Landes, who uses the stolen graveyard identity of Harry Walther:

Richard Landes and Ron Cain: One in the same person

"They" have no legs to stand on

Orgone scares the terrorist from Boston University

They hate sabbath

Postings on Ron Cain, a demon spirit [one of several] who controls Richard Landes, mind, body and soul:

Ron Cain: The man trying to sell the world to the annunaki

Stupid little Annunaki slave puppet

A big mouth with no ears: The like adolf hitler wannabe

Debate the pain in the butt or else?

750 yahoogroup forums under surveillance

The manipulator that never sleeps

The tricks of the Anti-Lord enforcer

Ron Cain: CEO of Roan Inc

The 666 Iron Cross nazi getting more bitter by the day

Unmasking the Roan Inc Crew

Rain Con man goes off the deep end


Other postings that I have mentioned Ron Cain in

Part 16: Visions of the future with Stormpuke vs the victims

Attacks, hexes, remote viewers, whatever

Shrunken Head Curse, Voodoo Hexes against me

The Da Vinci hunt within the vicious manipulator facade

Postings on Ron Cain's dreams and aspirations:

False Teachers & Prophets List

John Hagee : War Profiteer Extraordinaire

Mr. Hagee Draws Evangelicals By Arguing Jewish State Fulfills Biblical Prophecy


I am going to pull out the rug from below. Watch for Ron Cain to either deny his past history or go on a whinny tirade to make a false accusation of how I am Sherry Shriner when I am clearly and simply not. Watch for "sylvester" the android boy [OOPS! I let the cat out of the bag! More OOPSIES to come!] on Youtube go on a vicious tirade, claiming how "elisabeth elijah" [which is NOT her real or "legal" name by the way. There is more than "sobczak". There is lowman, marlow, bacon and many many more] received visions [or some crap of the kind] and how she'll sue me or run me down, etc etc etc. The same blah blah blah garbage they pull to keep foolish followers believing how they are right with their "prophecies" and how everyone else is wrong, evil, whatever.

Just like anonymous is everywhere on the net, so am I [or so I try to be]. Whatever lies and garbage fat red whorebag and her crew spew against me [and they will, mark my word on it folks], it will be "grasping at straws" attempt on their part.

Some final words.... for now [You can't stop the truth from coming out and you can't stop the piper from coming to collect pay].... specifically for fat red whorebag [which will send her in a total rage like you wouldn't believe]:

One way or another, I'm gonna find ya'
I'm gonna get ya', get ya', get ya', get ya'

One day maybe next week, I'm gonna meet ya'
I'm gonna meet ya', I'll meet ya'


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